We do a fair amount of flood and fire restoration.  This basement in North Edmonton had flooded and, when this happens, especially through insurance, we are commissioned to get it looking the way it did before the damage.

This basement in St. Albert was a complete development of approximately 1000 sq. ft. with a few upgrades, including the laminate floor, the gas fire place, and a custom bar.  We subbed out the plumbing, the electrical, the bedroom carpet, the fire place, and the countertop. The rest we did ourselves.

This 12' basement south of Cardiff was meant to house an indoor pool.  We made it ready to be a rec room.  The spiral stairs were already in place.  I 'just' had to build a curved wall along the inside of it.

It is usually the case when doing flood restoration that we have to replace the vanity.  They are not always easy, but this one in Cardiff was crazy.  First we had to custom cut the side and bottom to fit around fittings, then make it all stick together, and then, of course, make it pretty.


We develop basements from the framing, mechanical, drywall, paint, doors, trim, flooring, all the way to completion.  Have us do it all, or just a few of the elements, we can provide all your basement needs.

Andrew Webb Carpentry