​Morinville Public School

2013 Morinville Christmas Parade!!

My son and I, along with dozens of others, got 'pinked' and had our heads shaved to help Morinville Public School raise over $12000 for the 2014 Hair Massacure!!

Helped create an outdoor learning area for the students.

Andrew Webb Carpentry


After organizing charity ball tournaments for a few years, we decided to try a golf tournament. We ended up with 32 golfers, 15 sponsors, and were able to raise significant funds for the Morinville Adonpt-a-Family program!

We had a great time with our friends at Castle Builders hanging out with a bunch of kids and giving away candy canes and hot chocolate!  2014 was cancelled due to extreme cold, but look for us again in 2015!!

Hair Massa-cure!!


First time coaching a little league team this past summer, and I got this note from one of my players after the season ended...

Spent a day with a bunch of amazing volunteers from United Rentals doing some add-ons at Valour Place in the Kingsway area of Edmonton. My crew was tasked with getting the playground up and running.