We build custom decks of all shapes and sizes made from all sorts of materials to suit any lifestyle!

Andrew Webb Carpentry


A two-tiered deck in Morinville, AB.

We replaced this deck and garage in West Edmonton which was destroyed by fire.  The deck was all cedar on a 45 degreee angle and all enclosed underneath.

One of my first projects as an incorporated company. I also built the back fence.  My daughter was born while I was working on this one!

I worked with Armitage Construction on this public pier in Sherwood Park.

A floating deck on a modular home near Riviere Qui Barre.  It is not attached to the structure and sits on adjustable screw-jacks to accommodate any frost-heave.

We worked with the homeowner to design this 3-tiered beauty in SE Edmonton.  Pressure treated wood in a herring-bone pattern, cedar pillars to hold up the future pergola, and cedar accents.  Also an arched eating area at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the deck.

We extended this deck in St. Albert to provide some extra sitting room.  We added extra Regal Railing and built a custom angled step.

I needed to call in some help to raise this deck near Coronado.  It's made of composite decking on a 2x10 frame which rests on 6x6 posts. The rail is aluminum Regal Railing.