We stripped and re-tiled the kitchen, hall and bathroom in this home in Cardiff.

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Flooring, doors, tree removal,  ... you'll find there isn't too much that we don't do!


We built a storage/bathroom area with a mezzanine above it in this shop near Bon Accord. (They didn't want stairs to it, if anyone's wondering.)

After I built their custom floating shelves, this client hired us to restore their heirloom table and remove an old apple tree out back.

Built a custom loft bed for my daughter out of cedar.

Took down the interior walls in the kitchen/living/dining areas of this older house in Edmonton, brought in some major beam support, and opened it right up to be more of an open-concept living area.



Did the demo and prep for these "break-away" doors at a church in Edmonton.



The Larga Building near Kingsway in Edmonton needed an elevator installed. Stonehouse Contracting had us go in and cut back the pony wall at the top for the elevator door opening, adding plywood and extra backing and supports to strengthen the walls to receive the elevator bracing, removed and cut back the top railing of the pony wall, made a custom maple cap for the pony wall, added vinyl cladding to the wall, and stainless corner guards, and painted everything back to the colours they were.

A client near the Sturgeon Valley Golf Course had most of their basement completed, but brought us in to install some doors and trim.

Alliance Pipelines had a couple of shops in the Morinville and Wainwright areas that had small mezzanines that were unable to hold the expected load according to engineer reports. We added structural posts and beams under the existing mezzanines, and added onto them so they extended over the work benches, to bring the whole thing up to the load capacity they needed. We also removed, modified, and replaced the safety rails on the mezzanines. They also hired us to take down a metal and canvas quonset shop and re-build it at another location.


Andrew Webb Carpentry


Going the extra mile to put a good finish on this walkway in south Edmonton.

Also re-framed the patio door opening to fit a beautiful big kitchen window to match the style of the front windows.